A new generation of Metal Roofing has arrived! Smart home-owners know the value of metal roofing can’t be beat.

The Last Roof You Will Ever Buy At Half The Price!

A $40k Metal Roof for Your Home at Only $20k. 100% Metal Roof Quality at 50% Price

A new generation of Metal Roofing has arrived!  Smart home-owners know the value of metal roofing can’t be beat.  A quick look through our web site shows all the details.  With its long-term savings, energy efficiency, durability, resistance to the elements, light weight, ease of installation or renovation, variety of colors and design, and environment friendly nature, metal roofing is the obvious choice.  The only drawback is the high cost.  Until now.

The Metal Roofing Experts have teamed up with TEK Industries® to bring you a stone coated steel metal shake panel for near the same replacement cost value as a composition roof. We know that most homeowners can’t afford pricey metal roofs, even though the long-term values make them the best option. So we have invested our resources into developing a product and strategy that brings the highest quality roofing into your price range.


Introducing the HURRICANE® Metal Shake

Most roofing solutions are created by a manufacturer, sold to a distributor, then sold to the roofer, then sold to the consumer – that is three steps of cost mark up. But now Alliance Metal Roofing has cut the distributor. This means we can provide you a metal roof for the same price as a composition roof.

In fact, we have reduced your cost from an average $30-40K to only $10-20K.


Something to Be Excited About

Every homeowner who can afford the deductible from their insurance settlement can now afford the best quality roofing solution. As you’d expect, the interest in Hurricane Metal Shake is skyrocketing and more homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity each day. They realize how crazy it would be to miss out on this great investment as they learn more and more of the details.


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